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Why Barter?


Ottawa Barter was founded by people who were sick of paying high fees for transactions. Some companies charge as much as 14% to buy and sell.


Then there's the monthly cash fees. Barter is supposed to be barter.

We also found that a lot of members were either grossly inflating the price for barter or wanting a cash portion. All our members are honest and do honest barter. If not, they simply lose their membership.


Barter is a wonderful way of turning items you don't need into things you normally would not be able to afford.

Want to get that roof fixed? That car repaired? Go on a nice vacation? I have been getting all my families dental done on barter for over a decade. If not for barter my kids would have a lot more cavities.


Before you spend any money on anything, first see if you can get it on barter.



Ottawa Barter
1554 Carling Ave. Suite 23 Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 7M4
Phone 800-921-0075
Authorizations ONLY 866-334-1265
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